Change DEX Game Rules in

Hydra Market Making

Increased flexibility and capital efficiency for LPs and better liquidity for all traders.

Initial Hydra Offering

Easily list and establish authentic liquidity markets. Ensure benefits for investors as well as projects.

One-Stop Application

Do what you need for DeFi in only one stop,including cross-chain swap, mining, staking, IDO and more.

More Powerful Tools and Modules to be Added

  • Limit Price Order

  • Aggregated Trading

  • DeFi Arbitrage Module

  • On-Blockchain Referral Program

  • Margin Trading and Perpetual Swap

Solana Empowerment

HydraSwap has an on-chain trading processing performance that can overwhelmingly outperform that of other competitors. A series of functions that cannot be achieved in the past due to the low efficiency of blockchain will become possible. Most of these advantages are from Solana, which include:

  • 1.Average TPS exceeds 50,000
  • 2.Average processing time for single transaction less than 0.5s
  • 3.Average gas fee less than $0.00001
  • 4.Support both USDT and USDC, the most powerful stablecoins on the market

HydraSwap Cross-Chain Bridge

Validated by notary mechanism, users can enjoy cross-chain trading without any boundaries.

  • Breakthrough cross-chain trading barriers
  • One-stop cross-chain mining
  • Cross-chain lending
  • Participate IDO on other platforms with SPL assets


Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 $HYS
Maximum Supply 100,000,000 $HYS
  • Liquidity Mining

    40%, vested in 48 months




    12%, vested in 48 months


    8%, vested in 12 months

  • Early Investors

    11%, vested in 12 months

    Treasury, CEX, AMM Liquidity



    23%, vested in 48 months


2021 Q1

  • HydraSwap Project Started
  • Seed Funding

2021 Q2

  • HydraSwap 1.0
  • HMM
  • Limit Order
  • HYS Token Issued

2021 Q3

  • Price Band
  • Cross-chain Bridge 1.0
  • IHO
  • One-Stop Mining

2021 Q4

  • Smart Aggregation
  • DeFi Arbitrage
  • Referral Program
  • Cross-chain Bridge 2.0

2022 Q1

  • HydraSwap 2.0
  • Lending
  • Margin Trading
  • Perpetual Swap

Press Kit

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